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THE COREĀ of The Brag Trade members met at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre to help fellow Brag Trader Terri Gwyneth Lewis set-up for her mini-solo exhibition “Flying Solo.” After our collaborative exhibition in January, The Brag Traders have been given a solo exhibition each month. Terri’s exhibition will be on until February 13. Then it will be my turn. The Moncrieff is an excellent space to exhibit. Not only because of its great atmosphere, but also because it is utilitarian – a focal point for cinema and live theatre, and the patrons that such attractions bring to the foyer. The more, the merrier, to see our artworks.


“And did those feet . . . ?” No, just my own feet on the carpet at Moncrieff, walking amongst the stars of stage & screen. A classy dresser indeed.


My flyer (pun intended) for Terri’s exhibition.


Brag Trade members on the set-up day – Gaye Tait, Jacky Poulter, Terri Lewis & Me. Job done.


Terri Lewis (L) camps it up with Jacky Poulter.


How many artists does it take to hold a painting? Three – Gaye, Terri & Jacky.

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