???????????????????????????????I love this pool, in the CBD of Bundaberg. I try to do regular laps there as often as I can. I did it often prior to the flood. Then my routine was broken for 4 months while my unit was being refurbished. Since then, it has been a battle to get back to that routine. But I made it there. Today. Lungs full of good air. Head full of endorphins. Endolphins.

That aside, I love the pool’s d├ęcor style (1960s?). Love the colour scheme of vanilla ice-cream and baby blue. Beach colours. Swimming pool colours. Bright sunny days and shiny blue water.

DSC09013a crop, auto

The sign tells me what not to do, but I know its intention – to keep the privacy of the patrons getting changed. So I ignore it this once, as no-one is in the dressing shed atm. Distorted steel mirror enhances my warped view. Nothing like a morning swim without thinking of sharks.

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