DSC01264a The Y'awning

The Y’awning


Function Follows Form. Or whatever.



Mein Gott, I am so into Urbania. It grows on me more and more each day.  Especially at its “arsend” – the real urban landscapes behind the poncy facades. But here, there is the hint of a poncy façade thrown in: Beautiful old Australian Federation iron lace, shunted up against some newly painted grey brick walls. Not to mention the bright yellow modern shop awning.  I love that grey btw, battleship isn’t it? Shiny and steely. Grey metallic cement bricks, and sheer sluices of rendered cement (in grey? yes, in grey of course).

Then add to this look, old plumbing and/or electrical snakes trying to look neat. But in the neat stakes, the snakes are shite. Which is why I love it. All the internal bits exposed on the outside, and fighting for which direction they are allowed to go. Depends who got their first.

You don’t see such tacky organic creations anymore, alas. No, all is hidden, and masked-over with blank panels and cover-stripless joins. Minimalism on heat. Until you need to fix the power or plumbing. Then you have to rip down the walls to get at it. Now, that  REALLY IS shite.

DSC01245a crop, auto - Pipes Are Calling.

Pipes Are Calling

DSC01257a crop, auto - Electrical Thingy

Electrical Thingy Join.

DSC01258a Battle Ship



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