DSC01497I personally feel that realism has hijacked art of late. Or is it just in these Regional fringes where I live? Then, maybe not. I see it on Facebook and other social media. Artists showing off their realistic portrayals at lightning speed. “Watch this clip” the post says, “amazing.” And in the clip there is someone producing a painting like a photo in 2 minutes (yawn). Clever. Talented. Nice paintings. But to use a total cliché, where is the soul in it? (and I don’t even believe in a god). Well, its ‘essence.’ ??

The same goes for music. Duelling cellos. Or ‘Flight of the Bumble Bee’ on a flute (again, yawn). I just want to hear some music, not watch and hear a musical version of  The Olympic Games. The magic for me is in the subtleties – the nuances of a work, not something that shouts in your face and says “look at me, I am important.” And I want to know that the art piece has a backstory of passion and soul. Not merely a desire to impress the masses and the media.


Many people get accolades for presenting photographically realistic paintings. I probably can’t do it. But I don’t want to try either. I would be bored totally with the idea. I want things to look painterly, and distorted or odd. Whatever ‘odd’ means. I satisfy any of my artistic desire for realism with my cameras. Yes, that is a bit of a paradox. But more on that later.

But Realism in painting or drawing? Lovely, all good and bravo to those who enjoy doing it, or looking at it. It should be there. I want it to be there. I want formal art and realism to exist and thrive. Just as I want opera and symphonic music to be there. I love some opera, and much classical music. Just as I love blues and rock et al.

I just don’t want realism (I mean as true realism, not necessarily as an ironic device) and the formal to hijack everything. In the 1970s (when I did HSC) there was a lean toward the untrained, the naïve, in Art. It seems to have gone full circle.  Of late, there is a certain ‘air’ about having a degree in art. This apparently trumps artists with no formal training. I will resist this trend. I don’t wish to learn how to draw or paint like somebody else. I would give up art if I had to do that. That said, I am keen to suck up many ideas from many types of artists and artworks. I am not a closed book.

But I digress., To me, there is too much realism in my life. And too much in art today as the dominant force.

So with some of my (naïve) cards now on the table, here are some more of my Life Drawings. I have just made excuses (above) for their lack or realism, so according to someone like the French post-structuralist Derrida, I may have already admitted my doubts. Doubt about  my own view on Naïve Vs Realism. If I can remember rightly from my Uni days, according to Derrida, the doubt is inherent in my argument for the opposite. ‘Night’ has its opposite concept ‘Day,’ inherent in its existence. Or similarly, there is no ‘good’ without ‘evil.’


But I will try to ignore that and move on. Herewith some more of my naïve Life Drawings. Despite Derrida, I am very happy with this work. I like my naïve style. It is me. A combination of my whole life’s styles, of drawing as a kid, cartooning, painting, and being happy (or not so happy).

In a later post I will talk about my ‘realism’ with my photo-art. A dichotomy. While most photographers are embracing ‘non- realism’ with their photo work (through Photoshop etc.), I am (as usual) going against the flow. I know others are also bucking the trend. Thank (lower case) god for that. Thus endeth the  sermon.


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