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Ah, how diverse the English language can be. According to Mr Google and various online dictionaries “Perk” means “to become more cheerful” or “to rise up” such as a dog’s ears might “perk” up. But in Australia it can also mean “vomit.” To perk up is to vomit – the approximate opposite of the first meaning. As the Americans might say “go figure.”

The now-gone contents of these little green glass bottles could do all the above (well, if consumed along with many more, prior). Could make someone cheery at the start. Or vomit, at the end. I saw them at the city end of Bundaberg’s Burnett River Traffic Bridge.  I was in a hurry, power walking  to make a deadline (the art gallery). But had to stop and get a snap. They beckoned me. Some messy person left them, probably overnight. Messy bottles, but beautiful in their twin arrangement.  A nice bit of urban chaos, but also anti-chaos – placed neatly side-by-side by someone unknown. Maybe even drunks are concerned with order. A sight good enough to perk me up that morning (take either meaning).

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