1. Beached flyer InviteAfter about 2 years as a foundation member of the Brag Trade, I have decided to go my own way, for personal reasons. To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season . . . A Time for me to move into a more hermit-like approach to my art. At least for a while. No doubt I will get the cravings again in the medium future, to become involved with another group.

It has been fun, lots of coffees and chat with good people, and some good art we have all put out (when not drinking coffee and chatting). So it is then: my last fling with Brag Trade at the “Beached” exhibition at the School of Arts building in Bundaberg (Australia) in a week or so (see the Invite).

Despite some of the works shown on the Invite, “Beached” will feature all new works. I Intend to keep my little space allotted to me, quite minimalist: maybe 3 or 4 small paintings. I am in a minimalist mood, wall-space wise at least. But my paintings will not be minimalist necessarily.

Ok, all are welcome on opening night, if you live in, or can get to Bundaberg. Hope to see you there!

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