In 1982 I wanted to do a ‘Jackson Pollocky’ artwork – in an attempt to rid myself of the angst & stress of a broken marriage. Fortunately, the breakup that time was for a period of about 8 months. I later got back with my then wife, and two young children. At least until 1998, when it all went ‘tits up’ again. Ah, the rich tapestry of life.

11750002a crop, auto x 3

So this post is about a rather large painting I did, called “C Level.” I had a recording studio in my backyard at the time. I also had a large piece of 1″ thick particle board (‘chipboard’) about 3 metres square. For some unknown reason, I glued three large panels of a thinner particle board (Masonite) across the board, creating three distinct, equal size ‘layers, or ‘levels’.

I took on my Jackson Pollock persona, complete with Scotch and ice, or beer. Loaded my big brush (and some smaller brushes) with enamel (house) paint, and started flicking. It was quite a cathartic experience. Making a mess, and a painting at the same time.

11750003a crop, auto x 3

The plan was, to enter it in the annual Bundaberg Arts Festival that year (1982). When finished, I had trouble lifting it, to lean it against the wall. But somehow I managed. I then attached a quite thick chain to the back of it. Nothing else would take the weight I thought. I was right, and in the end, I could not even lift it off the floor, let alone take it to the festival. Might have needed four blokes to carry it. Would have been too heavy to hang anyway. I abandoned the idea of entering it in the competition. Within a week, I had chopped it up and dumped it. Thankfully, I took these photos of its sections. I have only just this week discovered the negatives (taken with Olympus OM-1 analog SLR), and had them converted to digital form. And here they are.

11750004a crop, auto x 3

I called it “C Level” as a play on words,┬ábecause when finished, it reminded me of the sea, and seaweed. And the best part of it was in the lower third – which I called section “C.” My entry appeared in the Arts Festival booklet that year. But nowhere was “C Level” to be found at the venue, of course. A bit late, but here it is now – at least in smaller, separate (detail) sections. There are a lot more to show, but less is more. I wish I had realised that when I painted it in the first place. :-)



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