DSC05250I have passed this memorial in the main street many times since I began walking to the CBD of Bundaberg regularly. But never noticed it. It is in the middle of an intersection, and up high. Not my cup of tea, war memorials – I wish we would have as much devoted to “Peace Memorials.” I get the point, “Lest We Forget,” and that these men & women from the World Wars went through hell for us all. For what it is worth after losing your dear lives, thank you.

Well, so one story goes. I still think of Donovan’s “Universal Soldier” when I see such a statue. Rather than just heroes, I feel they were all basically cannon fodder for the elite of their time. Money, land grabbing, nations jostling for strategic positioning on the World globe. And usually the plebs (past versions of you and me) copped it.

What a cynic, I will shut up, and maybe get out of this by saying that this post (not the last post btw) was just an excuse to re-post my “Forever Young” painting. The Australians in Gallipoli, in WW1. What a terrible waste. That total disaster was supposed to be nation-building, for Australia. Do we need to sacrifice a pile of young lads to feel we have come of age? I wonder . . .  It was just a terrible tragedy. To me, none of them “gave” their lives. Their lives were taken from them. Lest We Forget.


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Forever Young - detail - copyright Dennis Mealor 2014

“Forever Young” – detail – acrylics & mixed media on canvas – copyright Dennis Mealor 2014


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