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It’s a rather overused term, “Across the Miles,” but it sums up this project. If you search ‘Soleil’ and ‘Across the Miles’ on this Blog, more will be explained on previous posts, with more pics. But basically, it is a co-operation between Soleil Sinclair in California (no prize for guessing which country), and me in Australia. 

The original concept was one of my doing a collage from photos sent to me by Soleil, as well as drawings from those photos. Obviously, nude of course. It is sort of like Life Drawing by proxy. The goal, yes, is the collage. But the journey is proving to be also a big part of the art: presenting Soleil’s pics on my Art Blog – both photos and drawings – or let’s go outside the arty jargon and say “sketches.” Nothing wrong with that word. I like  “sketches.” It reminds me of something “sketchy” or “hazy,” like Sun in the eyes (or Soleil). More posts to come soon, on this Project, so please watch this space.

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