DSC05656a crop, auto - Not My Bed (Unmade Bed)










Well, it WAS my bed for 6 weeks after the 2013 Bundaberg flood, when my unit was inundated by the Burnett River. This bed is in the AIR (Artist-In-Residence) flat at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG). BRAG was kind enough to let me stay there rent free for the 6 weeks, while my home was being fixed up, to the tune of $20, 000.

Despite all the stress at the time (but nothing, nothing compared to the stress that World refugees must be going through atm), I loved my time there, and would have gladly continued there and paid rent for it. The abode was on the next floor up, overlooking one of the main streets of Bundy.

Old-world heritage décor. Parrots squawking in the city palm trees at night – you get used to that; watching the stories of police cars and late-night drunks unfold through the louvred veranda windows; and using the flat for some great photo-shoots. All this took my mind off the flood, and my floody woes. I have thanked BRAG many times on this site for letting me stay there, and help preserve my sanity. But here I go again: thanks BRAG, and to all its wonderful staff.

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