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At the end of Rounds Arcade, Bundaberg: turn right and there it is. This little ‘escapement’ without Time. A place I pondered only for a moment and took the shot. Took me back to a bad job I had in South Brisbane circa 1973. A dead end job at Akubra Hats’ warehouse. Filling in invoices for hats. Dusting the hats. Parcelling the hats. Taking the parcels of hats to the railway station at day’s end. ┬áBut there was a little alcove of Timelessness out the back door of the warehouse. I sat and ate my sandwiches at lunch time and gazed at its loneliness; and its quiet. Lonely as me it was at the time, but it kept me sane. A kindred spirit of emptiness. Wasn’t blue. But kept me sane. Blue can be for sadness. Or calm. I’ll take calm.

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