Commissioned Graffiti I suppose this wall mural could be called – taken at Bee Gees Way in Redcliffe, Australia, where the band did their first performances as kids, before moving on to take on the World. There is a bit of a kitsch element about Bee Gees Way, but I like some kitsch.

You can’t take a bad photo of this mural if you try. Bright colours, sunny Australian day. I enjoyed the walk up the Way.

And Redcliffe in general. Memories of when I was about 16, and lived in Brisbane for a year. Took a drive to Redcliffe with my life-long artist mate, Jimmy Edwards, way back then (1971 maybe?) – and I bought Lennon’s first solo album there. The Plastic Ono Band album, with “Mother” on it. At  a small record shop. No idea in Redcliffe where that was. I still have the album.

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