1.DSCF0773 Plymouth Rocks


Hard to believe I took these photos fifteen years ago (2005), near Plymouth, England. Where did the time go? I used an early Fuji digital camera at the time – which I bought with the money I received from a University award. Quite remarkable definition for its day. It was the first ‘everyday’ digital camera that had 6 megapixels, while all the rest were 4 meg. But I 2. DSCF0774have never been obsessed with technology. I like a good shot done on an old Box Brownie, as much as some 48 megapixel Nikon or whatever. But I do like my Nikon Digital SLR, nevertheless. Depends on my mood I guess.  Then there’s my little Sony . . .

The Fuji died a long time ago btw.


3. DSCF0772









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