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GUNN – with Geoff Fulop on drums, and Dennis Mealor on flute. Photo: Gazee.

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Some of the 300-strong crowd at the Carrier’s Arms. Photo: me









THE TIME: was between about 1973 and 1976, in the small(ish) regional Australian city of Maryborough, Queensland.  Way back then, I was in a band called Gunn. Well, Gunn had been going for quite a while as a three piece, and then I joined doing lead vocal, flute and congas. I might have just started playing a bit of (shaky) blues harp at that point too. Glad someone finally told me which key harp to use, to play blues. Harp players and some other musos should get that point. So maybe I used it for one or two songs, and got away with it somehow.

Now here, 42 Years on – four bands from that era got back together again at the Carrier’s Arms Hotel in Maryborough for the “42 years After” gig on Saturday night: The Black Cat Bone (local legendary icons of blues; Gunn; The Seventies Survivors: a compilation band of Maryborough  musos from the 70s; and current  party rock band The Massive Fergusons who hail from Brisbane. But hang on, two of their members are from Gunn. So that means they got to play too. Confused? Probably. And so was I at times on the night, trying to remember lyrics; blowing out the cobwebs in my flute; and falling over wires and mic stands. And that was before I had a few drinks.

It was a gig of merging musos and music. And it all came together  superbly on the night. And a great time was had by all. 300 people through the door was . . . well, very nice.

Thanks so much to Debbie Polley for allowing me to use some of her soo-perb photos of the night. And also to Gazee for her photos and amazing support. And thanks very much to all the bands – was great to catch up with you all and do this. Too many to thank in name here. But a big thank you to Geoff Fulop & Butch Bellert (Gunn members) who (I think) did all the ground work for this amazing gig. And thanks also to dear Ross Fulop, original bass player of Gunn, and brother of Geoff. Will always miss you Ross. We were thinking of you on the night. Much love.

Fantastic, fellas. See you all again in 42 years’ time (bring your blues harps). Cheers. Dennis.


The Seventies Survivors band – Photo: Debbie Polley

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The Black Cat Bone. Photo: me








Peter (‘Hully’) Hull from Black Cat Bone. Photo: Debbie Polley.


Butch Bellert going at it on git (& Jules behind) in The Massive Fergusons. Photo: Debbie Polley









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Part of the 300-strong crowd at the Carrier’s Arms Hotel. Photo: me

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Gunn starting their set. (Butch hidden behind speaker stack, left). Photo: Gazee.







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“Puffing and globbering they drugged theyselves, rampling or dancing with wild abdomen, stubbing in wild postumes amongst themselves” . . . John Lennon from “In His Own Write, 1964. The crowd at the bar. (Photo: me)









Dennis Mealor in Gunn – photo taken by Debbie Polley.


The Massive Fergusons. Photo: Debbie Polley.








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