Monday, 2nd June 2014.

Last Thursday (29th May) I went with The Brag Trade art group (only 3 this time – Gaye, Jacky and me) to Bargara beach for some plein air painting. A beautiful blue-sky day, alternating with some fluffy clouds. Coffee (expensive – as it was a public holiday – Show Day), chat and laughs, and again, managed to slap some paint around. Below are my two for the morning – art therapy-style again – scruffy impressionist I would call it. Have been even leaving my marking pens at home so that I can go more painterly, and less anal with it all. Just work quickly and feel the colours and the paint on my fingers. These are finger paintings – saves me bothering to wash brushes, a lazy artist. I just dip my fingers into a bucket of water between colours. Or sometimes not – just let it all blend. I never mix on a palette – only on the canvas as it goes on – love to see what effects emerge/merge. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Great fun. These are “Beach and Boardwalk” and “Sea, Beach and Rocks.” Took me a week and a board meeting to come up with those titles.

DSC07910 crop & auto - Bargara Beach - 28-5-2014

DSC07911a crop & auto

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