Was great to see a good turn out of people at tonight’s untutored Life Drawing session at the Art Plus studio, Bundaberg. Sarah was the model, and 15 weeks pregnant at that. I think we will be drawing her once a month, to see her “bump” progress. Should be very different, indeed. Will be interesting to see her body changes, and appreciate her growing curves as time goes on. Sarah has also asked me to do a photo-shoot of her in a few weeks’ time: essentially her nude “bump” photos which will be brilliant I am sure.

Tonight was the first life drawing session in over a month, due to insufficient numbers of artists one week, and three models being unable to make it, on another week. The sessions are conducted fortnightly. So it was very pleasing to get a good quota tonight. Such a good night always, too – with red and white wine at hand, pizza at half time, and all for only $15. Good friends, good chats, and a few wines. What more could you need? Oh yes, a nude model and some paper and pencils too, can’t forget that. A fun time, with some serious (and  not-so-serious)  art thrown in.

Above (from the top): Pics 1 & 2 (same drawing) – 10 minutes time limit. Pics 3 &4: 2 minutes. Pics 5 & 6: 15 minutes. (medium: oil pastels and 2B pencil).

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