1. DSC00777a crop, auto Pond Life

Watery Etching on a motel shower screen.

Footnote: After 12 days my landline Internet is finally back on. So I am now able to put up many new posts on this Art Blog. Despite the 12 days with no landline phone or Internet, six calls to the NBN people during that time was to little effect (costing me mobile phone money) until I insisted on a technician to visit. The guy turned up this morning, and it was all sorted in half an hour. Easy as. Evidently, the problem was a batch of faulty modems Australia-wide. Odd, I saw nothing on the news about it. And the people at NBN (overseas somewhere, the Moon maybe) knew nothing about it. Alexander Graham Bell would turn in his grave. Over 100 years of phone communication, and now, our phones are almost of no use: as businesses won’t talk to us anymore. Or listen. They are too busy making money to be concerned with their customers’ needs. I could call this art piece “Pond Scum” maybe – which is what most of the Telco companies seem to think we are.

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