Very pleased that my dear late Mum kept all my school works from England. I was born, and grew up there until at age 10, left the Old Dart for Australia as a “10 pound Pom.” The teachers in England were fanatical about handkerchiefs. Every day a kid turned up with their (clean) hanky, they were awarded with a tick on a wall chart, against their name. Then at week’s end (Friday), if all days were ticked, they got a silver star stuck against their name. I never once got a silver star. But I can also remember that I didn’t care. This drawing is nothing about hankies. But it tells me that I must have loved school, especially when I was about to go into “The “Big Class.” A real gem, to have the teacher make us do these self-illustrated diaries, as now I can see what went on way back when I was six, and through the eyes of a child. Where does the time go? I will be featuring more from this little booklet, from time to time.

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