Not much to do with Art perhaps. My Blog here is getting a bit travelogue-ish (esque?) lately. But it is because I have just moved permanently to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland (Australia). Gone, is Bundaberg. I was there for 39 years, Mein Gott. After trying for the past five years, I am finally here, living with my partner near Buderim. And this is my second look at the fantastic organic market at Forest Glen. Everything there, and pretty good prices. The organic veges were comparable in price to non-organic in Bundaberg. Lots of other good shops near this place, too: nice cafĂ©; fish n chip shop (with fresh fish on sale also); a South African “corner store” (but not on a corner. And much more. Feed the gut first, then the mind with painting and music, I say. The latter will come soon, when we have settled in better. Just exploring the many little townships and shops in the area first (click on images to enlarge).

2. DSC00924a crop, enhance

1. DSC00911a as is

3. DSC00916

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