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Another day visiting Nambour (see previous post). I now live 15 minutes away from Nambour – near Buderim, after leaving Bundaberg for good. Yes, this city has been dubbed “Nam-boring” by some. And it might have been the case until recently. And yes, true, it looks a bit frayed around the edges: faded and paint-peeling shop signs. Various deep social problems (like many regional cities anyway). But, as I have said in the previous post, despite this (and a number of negative reports before I arrived in this area), Nambour has a Heart. And it is starting to beat well again, down there beneath the often-cracked concrete and bitumen. And is beating harder each day, pumping creative fluid into this city.

A very Romantic view of mine? Possibly. But I could feel it on day one here. Stuff happening. Art. Music. And Intriguing cafes and shops like this one featured here (no, I receive no money from these comments – this site is a free site, and ad free). And this was the first time I entered the shop called “O My Giddy Aunt.” Great name. I took a couple of quick shots. I couldn’t go wrong. No enhancement. Not even cropping. Just the organically-ordered chaos of vintage goods as they just sat. It is a long, narrow shop with a nostalgic chequered floor. Was once a cafĂ©, in days gone by. Inspiring place to be in. I could feel the ghosts, and they were supping coffee and tea from way back then. And were pretty friendly.

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