I have inherited a little garden, at my new abode near Buderim. It is full of little kitsch creatures and artefacts from the previous owner. My usual bent would be to rip them all out, and revamp the entire garden. But no, they stare at me with those pathetic kitsch eyes, and beg me to let them stay. Except for Little Flower Girl, who looks down. Not as sweet as she looks though. A touch of the macabre about her. She looks like an escapee from a nearby cemetery. But I have always liked a touch of the Gothic.

These pics represent but a few of them. I find a new one hidden in the foliage almost every day I visit the garden. My intent is to put in lots of herbs. Oh yes, and tomatoes. Permaculture style: the toms will be growing up the existing palms and little trees. Saves on wooden stakes. The herbs can go between the kitsch Who’s Who of the garden. They can stay, even the beaten-up dead ducks; and solar-light frog that doesn’t work. It’s not their fault they are all a bit kitsch.







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