Soleil - Beach 1a

The Backstory: For quite some time now (on & off) I have been doing a series of Life Drawings by proxy, for this Art Blog. A bit of an oxymoron, as the drawings have been from photographs, rather than from Life. The model is Soleil Sinclair who lives in California, U. S. A. The project has been held up with various every day obstacles at my end. Obstacles such as that old chestnut: losing one’s creative mojo (muse?) – maybe 2 years ago. It was as a result of Bundaberg’s 2013 flood, which went through my home. And, as a delayed effect,  went through my psyche with not-so-nice results. Fortunately, I have somehow managed to at least maintain my little Blog here, with a few occasional surges of artistic passion.

But now, I feel that the best is about to happen. The veil began to lift with the possibility of my moving out of Bundaberg (with my dear partner, Gaye) a few months ago. And now I am here at the Sunshine Coast, near Buderim. Beautiful place. So many creative possibilities here – in art and music – that I feel like a kid in a candy store again.

DSC03819a crop, auto x 2

So, to kick off my new positive mood, here  is Soleil again, a reprise of some of the drawings I have done from photos she has sent me. I am also featuring some extra photos of her, by Drake Sinclair. Hopefully, I can add some new photos and artwork of her, soon. My mojo is certainly returning. Photos are copyright Drake Sinclair; drawings are copyright Dennis Mealor 2016 (yes, me).

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