DSC07832a Stratification copyright Dennis Mealor

“Stratification” – acrylics & mixed media on canvas – 900mm square – (SOLD at Childers Art Space (Charts)

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Very dear to my heart, this painting. But is always great to sell a work, even though they become a part of you. We have to do the Buddhist thing, and not get too attached. Anyway, my little exhibition at Childers Regional Art Gallery (Charts) did well, with the sale of “The River” (Mark 2) below, and “Stratification” (above). These are the two themes I seem to have evolved towards, after my earlier works involving eyes (a reflection of my medical eye trauma about 6 years ago). Now, my paintings are more on the yellow/red/orange side of things, rather than the dominance of blue. Happier maybe. But I still love blue.

1. DSC00854 (2)

“The River” Mark 2 – 50cm x 40cm- acrylics & mixed media on canvas (SOLD at Childers Art Space (Charts).

I have also included here “The River” (Mark 1). I want to indulge myself on a River series in the next few months. Maybe see about an exhibition in the Sunshine Coast area. They seem to sell well. A bonus (selling well), as I love to do them, and all will be different, but similar if that makes sense.

But back to “Stratification” and its  recent sale (acrylics & mixed media on canvas – 900mm square). The person who bought it at Charts (Lawrence, from Victoria) phoned me (as my mobile number was on the back of the painting), and we had a good chat. Turns out he had bought it for his partner. But he was also enquiring about my “River” paintings that he had seen on this Blog. So, it is all very flattering. I never get blasé about people taking an interest in my work. And it is always an absolute honour when they buy. No artist should ever take that for granted. So, thank you Lawrence, and I hope I have spelt your name correctly (Laurence?). Cheers, Dennis.

DSC09214a crop, auto - BEST

“The River” Mark 1 – acrylics & mixed media on canvas – 50cm x 40cm (SOLD at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG))

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