DSC02720a - Red Nude -Acrylics & Mixed Media 2012

“Red Nude” – model, Miss J. Acrylics & mixed media on canvas – 900mm square (painting in possession of Miss J.)


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9 Jaynee DSC02164ab

“Bench” Miss J herself. Photo-art copyright Dennis Mealor. No Photoshop as usual, but some added colour emphasis












Recliner - Copyright Dennis Mealor 2012

“Reclining Nude” – photo-art – model, Miss J.

   Miss J has the ideal body for drawing, or painting. Gorgeous mature form with some beautiful curves. As I often harp on about, my nude photo-art focuses on the mature female form: my “In Praise of the Mature Nude” on-going theme. I hope to include some male nude studies one day too, but that is another – long? – story. But simply put, willing males are hard to come by.  Thought I would mention that, to explain my apparent bias towards the female form. But not actually so. I have enjoyed drawing both male and female models at the local Life Drawing class I  attended in my previous dwelling-place, Bundaberg. And now, at the Sunshine Coast Buderim Life Art group (near where I now live).

Basically, my nude photo-art is not unlike an extension of my life drawing, rather than photography per se. Which is why I do not refer to my photographic work as “photography.” I call it “photo-art” for a reason. It sounds pretentious, but is not. To the contrary, it is my way of separating myself from technically-trained photographers (although, I have been a passionate photo-taker since my teen years). In my own case, it is more about emotion and artistic “feel,” rather than technical expertise.  Besides, I have a good excuse with my being a Visually Impaired Artist/Photo-artist. I can’t see enough to confidently negotiate the digital menu for manual control of my cameras. So I usually go on full automatic. Hence, my snapshot argument discussed below. 

I am not usually out to impress with “clever” over-the-top tricks of light or odd positioning of the model (although ‘Bench’ here is an exception I suppose – an attempt at some blatant, contrived  “cleverness.” Happy to say that I sold an unframed copy of this at the Brag Trade’s Just Nudes exhibition in 2014, at Dirty Linen Artspace gallery, Bundaberg (Australia)

But more my style is “Reclining Nude,” above – laid back (both with intent, and literally). Generally, I like The Nude to do all the saying. With some good natural lighting in a simple every day setting, The Nude just seems to make it happen.

I am not even worried about my photo-art being referred to as “snapshots.” There is nothing wrong with a snapshot. I feel it is as much “Art” as a so-called “serious” photo. Often, the best shots come from my smaller, compact Sony camera, rather than my Nikon SLR. What might be lost in technical quality/definition, is gained by the informality of the shot. The unguarded moment that happens in between “serious” takes.

I hope Miss J will give permission for me to use some more of the photo-art I have of her. Please watch this space. Maybe it will happen.


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