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It is about two months now since I moved to the Buderim area (Sunshine Coast, Australia). At my new abode, a shed full of various metal bric-a-brac: old metal brackets, jars of screws, and the like. The previous owner had left a pile of, well, crap (apart from the screws). Oh, and the various lengths of dressed timber. All good. And this walking cane.

The cane hung from one of the metal shelves in the shed, as in my photo reconstruction below. Was maybe a week before I noticed it. And I am into canes. Occasional dicky knee and all that. So I used it a bit on my walks in the morning. Then realised it was pretty special. Silver handle. And possibly Art Nouveau, about 1910 vintage. It has two silver hallmarks I have yet to identify. Maybe “continental.” More research needed. But I thought it so beautiful anyway, that I would post it on my Art Blog now. Mrs Google also revealed a similar cane in the UK, for about 500 pounds value. Nice to know its possible monetary value. But not sure I would part with it. Even more nice to walk with it. The shaft, straight as can be. The feel of that handle. Comfortable indeed, like an organic extension of the hand. They knew how to make things in those days. Perfect.

I did a bit of amateur Sherlocking (Holmes-like that is), and worked out that the user probably had a gammy right leg, as there is slight wear of the pattern on the left side of the handle. This indicates a left hand use, with pointer finger causing the wear. Usually, the cane is held in the opposite hand to the bad leg. He (probably a He in those days) was also about 5′ 10″ tall, judging by its length in comparison to my own wrist level with arm held straight down at my side. I would love to find out more about its past user, but that is probably not possible. So I will settle for more info about the cane. Eventually. More to come on this at a later date, perhaps.

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The cane where it originally hung in the shed, trying to be unnoticed. It worked for awhile.

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