Detail from a 30 minute pose


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Since moving to the Sunshine Coast area (Australia) a few months back, I have been attending a local life art group. Unfortunately, the group was set on the models doing long poses. Apart from five 2 minute (standing) warm-ups, the shortest pose was 20 minutes, and the longest was an hour. I am all done in about 15 to 20 minutes, as I like more spontaneity. The focus on long poses also meant very few standing poses. So my art book was full of almost all seated, or lying poses. My drawings were beginning to get a bit samey as a result. Standing poses to me, give the artist the opportunity to draw the entire human form in its full length; and with a  sense of  gravity/weight not particularly suggested in seated or lying poses. 

I learned from the experience, that for me, it is the journey – the act of drawing – that is why I do it. The end result is not necessarily the goal. I am not after a masterpiece, even if I were able. In fact, I prefer the artwork to be rather rough around the edges –  a quick suggestion of what I see in front of me. “Contrived” is my worst fear. The new group has 1 minute, 5 minute and 10 minute poses. Then a 20 minute, and a 30 minute. I was not happy with my quicker pose drawings this time. So herewith the main pic, a 30 minuter; and the other, a 20 minute pose. Oil pastels & 2B pencil on paper.


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