dsc00568b-crop-enhNot all that much to do with art. But good to get out and about with my partner Gazee (who took this shot). Spoon and fork above – reminds me of a Dame Edna joke about Moonee Ponds (near Melbourne), when I saw her in Melbourne, way back in 1975. The show was “Now You Can Say You Have Seen It.”  Can’t remember the theatre, but I still have the theatre program somewhere amongst my bric-a-brac. The joke was something about the wives of Moonee Ponds all having a wooden spoon and fork on the wall, and how original that was. Funny, how that one joke has stayed with me all this time. 

But this being a Thai restaurant, I wonder why not a pair of chopsticks instead? Not as dynamic a look as spoon and fork perhaps. Two enlarged sticks hanging either side doesn’t quite do it.

Great food by the way. Only $9 for a beautiful green curry, with lots of heat (spice) as we like it. But for the non-adventurous, mild is also available. No, I get nothing for these plugs. This is a non-profit site. Essentially, it is a labour of love (but doubles as my Art CV). So if you enjoy my free Art Blog here, please share the link and ask friends to do same. That would be nice. Or drop me an email and just say hi if you like (all confidential). That can be done via the “contact” link at the top of this page. That would also be nice (but absolutely no sales/promoter people please).

PS: I do love the green wall here. And despite some social problems in the city (as all cities have), I love visiting Nambour. It is moving forward. Great creative vibes and up-market cafes too. Oh, and the op-shops are a must to visit. Nambour is on the up. I can feel it in the air (tonight?).

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