1-dsc00752b-crop-enh-br-contr-bestOdd, my first drawing of the session and it was the best. Well, I thought so anyway. Usually it goes the other way. You know, the first drawings to warm up with, and brain and hand are hopeless together. This was a 10 minuter, as I arrived late as usual. Can only get there by 10am, and the session starts at 9.30 (other commitments prior). So I always miss out on the shorter, warm-up poses.

A good model, is Oliver. I have recently done a photo-shoot with him also. So watch this space (site, that is). Assuming he will sign the consent forms to allow me to exhibit the pics, I will do a feature on him. So far he likes the pics I have taken of him, so we will see.

This drawing: oil pastels & 2B pencil on paper.






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