Aladdin’s? Yes. The shop was previously called “O My Giddy Aunt,” and I did a feature article on it when I first moved to this area, about 6 months ago (search it on this site). So I was confused for a moment when I walked in. But then, the d├ęcor inside is unmistakable. Again, I aimed my camera and it is impossible to take a bad shot. I didn’t even have to crop any of the shots later. The organic array of eclectic treasures just looks right, no matter which way you look.

My partner Gaye, booked in for a massage there last week. And we bought a couple of great pillows. One had a camel motif. I am into camel motifs, even though I would never want to ride one (a camel that is). The staff at Aladdin’s is immediately friendly and welcoming. This place always gives me a lift.

I must keep reminding everyone that I receive no monetary gain from my comments here, and have no connection. This is a totally free site, and I hope to keep it that way. But I am happy to rave on about anything that speaks volumes with a  creative or artistic voice. This shop is like a piece of art in  itself. And once again, I can sense the ghosts of customers past in there. ‘Tis an old and beautiful little shop. (Click on images to enlarge).

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