Christine Turner, owner of Dirty Linen Art Space invited local artists to bring in their work and have a chat with visiting Sydney-based artist Graham Blondel. Of course, “bringing in work” these days involves a USB Flash drive, rather than lugging in canvases. Good ol’ modern technology – great when it works! I was actually wondering whether to come in or not, as at times I go into a shell – I swing between introvert and extrovert – and live as though I have my head in a bucket some days, ha ha. And also a bit daunting to have such a well-known top artist look at one’s work. I suppose we all get such days. But very glad I went. Graham is an absolute gentleman.

Another member of the Brag Trade art group – Gaye Tait – picked me up, and chatted to Graham after me. Wonderful chap, very approachable and lots of good advice and tips. I was interested in what marker pens he uses, as I have been concerned that some tend to fade, when added to acrylics. Had a good look at his artworks too, very fine, exquisite collages and the like, at Dirty Linen. Was a pleasant and informative chat. He seemed to like my “MRI Tomb” acrylic and “Tears of I” mainly. Fantastic to get some feedback by a pro who has been in the biz for yonx. A very good day. Thanks very much Graham, and Christine (Turner).

Below: Graham Blondel and me (a very serious pic of us both, which belies Graham’s very jovial demeanour – and mine too ha ha). Graham must be very tall, as I am 6′ 4″ . . . NOT.
Also my “MRI Tomb” and “Tears of I” Part 4 – acrylics & mixed media. MRI Tomb is 2130 mm long, in 2 panels.


MRI Tomb - copyright  D. Mealor 2011

A16 - Tears of I Part 4 - 920 x 1220mm - Dennis Mealor 2011

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