The Burning Ones – 100cm x 90cm, Acrylics on Canvas.

First posted on this site in 2015, this work was originally painted in 2009. It was the last painting I did, before my severe eye trauma happened (optic nerve damage from mini-strokes behind the eyes). The result was: I now have only 10% vision remaining in each eye. That was the bad news. The good news is, the condition is stable, and there has been no further deterioration since 2009. And, I am still painting. In fact, since my eye trouble, I have done perhaps as much art as the previous rest of my life.

The Burning Ones is about everyone’s daily trials and stresses. We are all being burned every day, one way or another. Faceless people. All of us. Some of us survive. Some, not so good. I survived the sudden loss of much of my sight. I hope I will continue to survive. I think I will. Bring it on (Life).


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