Well, a great heading I thought. These are some of the short warm-up sketches  for yesterday’s Life Drawing session (untutored, obviously). I have not made it to the classes for about three weeks, but that is no excuse. Often, I do better at it when I have had time off anyway, when returning to the sketch pad refreshed.

I wasn’t even going to put these drawings on my Art Blog here, initially. But then, they reminded me of some of John Lennon’s cartoons. Well, remotely. Particularly in his book In His Own Write and perhaps the illustrations for the story, “Randolf’s Party.”

I always loved Lennon’s art – as thought he scribbled the first thing that came into his head, and maybe always used  the first draft (well, I assume). I have learned from him a lot. So for a long time since my youth, I have appreciated the so-called “crappy” drawing, even more than some finished works that I have taken hours to do.

These here were done in 30 seconds, to 1 minute’s duration. What they lack in finesse, they make up for in expression I think. And a tad bit of (unintentional) humour. I will post my longer posed drawings next, but I like these more. Oh sorry, Lilly. To everyone: These are nothing like the likeness of the model by the way.
















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