It’s a fine line between commerciality and being true to oneself. Especially in Art. Paint something different he said. That was the manager of the cafĂ© where I go on occasions.  I sold one of my “River & Sea” series paintings there recently. I don’t usually do that: paint on a sort of commission basis, even though the request wasn’t very specific. But I won’t say no to some lunch money at the moment (if it sells). Something different? (he said). So I thought I would do another Buddha. I never tire of painting Buddha. But with a difference: I want to combine my River & Sea theme with the Buddha, to create a Nature Buddha. Gaia Buddha perhaps. The two themes calm me.

Obviously, it is not finished. The Buddha started with ears, then lost his ears. I will put them back, soon. I am loving the colours. Has to be about colours for me. A good feeling. A slight sense of euphoria when two colours mix on the canvas and create another colour. Like food of the Gods, for me. That is my drug. More on this in a later post, when I have the finished painting.

Step One

Step Two – ears have gone



















The Nature Buddha, so far

(click on images to enlarge in HD)

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