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         My feeling is that  utilitarian venues will be the future art galleries. Well, nothing new I guess. The Impressionists were doing it long ago in Paris: hanging their works in cafes and the like. And here is my contribution (the Buddha at top of the wall). It is actually called “River of Calm,” now. But my original title for it was “Nature Buddha.” Take your pick.

I would love to do another solo exhibition one day, at an art gallery. But, that means a lot of work and stress, despite all its rewards. More likely, I would do a collaborative exhibition with a group of other artists. That takes the pressure off. Until then, I’ll  place the odd painting in cafes and the like. 

By the way, I receive no payment for any of my Art Blog here. I am showing the Kunara café, only as a matter of interest (and to help flog my painting of course). So this is not an ad for Kunara.  On that topic, “River of Calm” is available for sale at the café (acrylics & mixed media on canvas, $325).

To get to Kunara Organic Café), take exit 200 on the Bruce Highway to the little village of Forest Glen (Queensland, near Buderim). It’s well worth a look, and a coffee or lunch.








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