Thanks to all the people in Australia and around the world who have sent me emails to say Hi. Happy to receive positive “nice” emails from anyone with regard to my Art Blog here. It is a labour of love, and is totally free. I refuse to put ads on it of any kind. If I mention a business (such as a cafĂ©, art gallery, etc.), I get paid nil from them. Sometimes in the context of my articles, I have to give a location.

It’s good to have a few free things in the world today. And this Art Blog is one of them.

To send me an email: just go to top of the page and click on “contact” – and follow the instructions. If you would like a reply, let me know. But if not, just say nothing. I won’t bother you by encroaching on your privacy. Cheers.

PS: I know they won’t listen (as most are now robots), but please refrain from sending me any advertising spam. It will get you nowhere, and will be binned.


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