My partner discovered this oil painting at a Nambour op-shop last week. It was unframed, rolled up and hidden amongst a pile of various framed prints and bric-a-brac. It cost her the grand sum of $5.

The canvas – old in appearance – is devoid of any signature or identifying information. So we called her Lily, after the Who song. And Who is the operative word. No idea who she might be, or how she got there. Is she a copy of some master painting I am not familiar with? Or was she painted from real life, in the local area? Her Latino appearance might rule out the latter.

The canvas is quite thick, and measures 700mm x 500mm. We love her, Our Lily. I think she will go on the wall as is for a while, until we get around to finding a frame for her. I think an ornate gold frame is what she needs. She is so beautiful. But who is she? If you have seen an existing work that she may be based on, please let me know (click on “Contact” at top of the page, and send an email). Or maybe you know of the artist who painted her? 

(click on image to enlarge in HD)

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