I bid farewell to The Beached Ones (sob).

Well, it certainly was out of the blue. A friend from ages ago (2012) contacted me, and asked if I still had this painting. Yes, I did. It had been at various local art galleries such as Childers Artspace & the odd art competition. Almost sold it at Childers the curator told me when I picked it up from the exhibition. But the buyer that day bought another painting of mine, “Stratification.” (search it on this site).

“The Beached Ones” has been one of my favourites, so I was sad to see it go. But the good vibes of selling a painting always over-rides that feeling of selling one of your acrylic babies. Great indeed. It went for a very fair $400, and the buyer paid for transport to near Wollongong, NSW (Australia). When it arrived, she phoned and said it was better than how she remembered it (whew, what a relief). That made my day. Acrylics & mixed media on canvas (90cm square). 








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