THIS WAS part of my “Fragments of Vision” exhibition at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (Brag – Australia) in 2011. I had lost much of my sight two years before – from strokes on both optic nerves. So I ended up with a sort of tunnel vision. Luckily I could still see enough to paint, via the small, relatively clear “keyhole” that remained  in my left eye. My right eye unfortunately has no central vision. So I am a bit of a lefty. Shaving however, was difficult for awhile, with mixed results. A bloody task at first, until I got the hang of it. I do it mainly by feel now. I still have the same vision today, but am used to it now. And happy to say, my eye condition (called NAION) has been stable for some 10 years. Life is good.

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Copyright Dennis Mealor 2011

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