Kim’s Shave and Shower, for a noble cause.

Kim (California, U.S.A) decided recently to shave her head in support of her dear friend Tara, who is a survivor of breast cancer. She intends to shave her head every month until Tara’s hair grows back again. A very noble cause, and her partner David captured the beautiful moment. A celebration of great devotion to her friend Tara. But also a celebration of the wonderful mature female form. Thank you, Kim.

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All Photos Copyright David Steinberg 2019

Footnote: David Steinberg is an American author, editor, photographer, and publisher of artistic, imaginative sexual and erotic material, focused on offering sex-positive alternatives to the dominant sexual cultures of fear, denial, and moral judgment. He has published a vast range of books. His latest is This Thing We Call Sex. Check out his Website here:

• This Thing We Call Sex


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