FINALLY GOT TO SEE THE BUNDABERG ART PRIZE EXHIBITION ($10,000 first prize; $20,000 prize money overall).















This is the best that the annual event has ever been I feel (& with its new name – formerly Bundaberg Art festival). Congratulations must go to Phil Oakley & many, many others for this massive undertaking. The art looks fantastic, and in better surroundings than the old days in the Civic Centre – more accessible, great lighting, vibrant. This is the way to show Art – right in the hubbub of town, makes it come alive (in vacant shops – Pop-up style).

Congratulations also to the winners – I would hate to be the judge, whew. Always controversy with judging, but after seeing the overall winning entry in the flesh, & its story, I totally get it. Brilliant. Here’s my own contribution, my painting “As The Alchemist Told His Tale.” Am so happy I have broken my painting mojo drought of over two years, and enjoyed doing this, and still felt euphoric about it yesterday when I visited the exhibition. For the backstory to my painting, see the previous post.

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