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“Hospital Bed”- copyright Dennis Mealor 2011


Apologies to all my viewers, for the lack of new posts on my Art Blog lately. Just over six weeks ago, I suffered spinal damage and ended up in hospital for five days, in a lot of pain. Five vertebrae with compression fractures. I am slowly getting there, still considerable pain, but things are improving daily. In the first five weeks, I was unable to even sit at my computer and organise archive posts for my Blog, let alone do any art. I hope you will bear with me, as my condition improves, and am able to post more art regularly.


In the meantime, this is perhaps a relevant art piece I did way back when I was in hospital for strokes on my optic nerves. I lost about 80% of my vision during that time (2011). I still have the same vision loss, but thankfully the condition stabilised years ago. It is a quite large art piece in two panels, about 7 foot long in the old money. It was part of my solo exhibition at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) in 2011, “Fragments of Vision” which was a cathartic exhibition of recovery from my eye trauma at the time. Fortunately, I found that I still had enough vision left to do art. Ironically, I have done more art since that eye trauma, than the rest of my life previous.

Hopefully I can post more artwork on this site regularly from this point on. Thank you.


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