This photograph (minus the scribbled blue sunnies for model privacy – wish I didn’t have to add them) won me 1st Prize ($1,000) at the Bundaberg Arts Festival 2012, in the photographic section. I didn’t even expect anything that year, and was at lunch with a friend when I got a call from the Festival organiser. “Are you going to the awards night tonight?” she asked. I said, “I wasn’t going to.” So she replied, “I think you better turn up tonight.” I suspected something at that point. Glad I went, had a good time. Model: Arlene, age 50 at the time. I always prefer photographing older women. So much more to give, their life experience and presence reaches out through the lens so wonderfully. I was extra pleased that the judge was a top ABC photographer, flown up from Brisbane for the night. Nice.

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