Alas, I didn’t win the major 10 grand prize, or any of the section prizes of 2 grand each, but at least I was in it this year. So good to be involved again, after the Season of the Witch that I went through this last 12 months. No, not Covid – is another long, tedious story, but I am starting to get up over the log, and onto the horse again. My two entries here are “It Was The Best of Times . . . ” and “Souls of the Nullius.”


It was a great opening night, people everywhere, and wine everywhere, and artworks everywhere – some 450 works plus. Too many to see in one night, so I visited 4 times in all, on different days, for the 2 weeks it was open to the public, at the old Hyundai showroom – essentially a “pop-up” exhibition. The Bundaberg Art prize is a major annual event. Happy to say I won in 2012 a 1st Prize for the photographic section ($1,000) for a mature female nude. Got to be in it to win it (or so I keep telling myself). But am just glad to be painting again this time around (Yeah, right. That money would have paid a few bills). Try again next year, Dennis. C’est la vie (and Art).


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