I took this photo in 2005 on a trip to the U.K. It was taken at the 15th Century Berry Pomeroy castle ruins, in Devon. The castle is reportedly haunted. The photo is actually of a derelict fireplace. On returning to Australia, after putting the images onto my computer, I noticed a mysterious human head on the thumbnails, and could not recall ever taking it. After clicking onto it, I realised it was the fireplace – not a head at all. An optical illusion where the concave appears as convex. A haunted fireplace? This photo was part of my 2011 “Fragments of Vision” exhibition at BRAG, Bundaberg. Along with the photo “Light Music,” it was bought by the same people (see previous post below this).


Hearth-Head - Dennis Mealor - Photograph-2005 - 10x8

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