FACES IN MY DROP-SHEET. I could maybe call this a photo of a sculpture, but I am not sure if serendipitous arrangements of cloth would be classified as sculpture. I could tell lies about it maybe. But then, seeing this by accident is more a story than if I had made it happen. So the truth is, I was painting in my art studio (the bathroom) one day, and happened to look down. These two old fogeys greeted me in my crumpled drop sheet. I notice this sort of thing a lot more, since my eye trauma about 5 years ago. Because I get only 10% of the light signal coming in (due to optic nerve damage), my brain seems to try to make sense of abstractions. Like an enhanced form of Pareidolia.  An example of Pareidolia would be seeing faces and objects in clouds or other random patterns. My impaired vision seems locked in to this phenomenon. A disadvantage to everyday sight, but an advantage to my art (well, so I keep telling myself!). A lot of my previous posts on this Blog are as a result of this effect. DSCF2274a Old Men Arguing

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