This was my Facebook post a few days ago. Real or not? As John Lennon said in “Strawberry Fields” – Nothing is Real. Dream on . . . struggling artist whose studio is his bathroom makes good? Or all in his head? Would it matter in the Cyber world anyway? Suspension of Disbelief makes the World go ’round. We suspend it when we read a book, or watch a film. Or have dinner in a flash Italian restaurant, and fantasise we are in Rome or Florence. But this is Venice. Isn’t it? No Photoshop so maybe it is. If we believe it, then we are there.

Here is the Facebook blurb:


Hi all, well after selling one of my nude acrylics for $35,000 last week to a blow-in entrepreneur, I thought I would celebrate by taking a quick flight to Venice. With a glass of water obviously – binged last night with two lovely Venetian ladies, so am off the plonk. Will stay just a few days and nights in Venice, and be back well in time for The Brag Trade’s “On The Brink” exhibition at Gatakers Artspace, Maryborough Q. Fri 3rd Oct 2014 at 6.30 pm. All welcome, even poverty-stricken non-artists. So write it on the fridge y’all.
Must say, I was pleasantly surprised with the painting’s sale at $35 Grand – an improvement on my last one at $42.95. So things are looking up. Venice is a beautiful place – but has similar drainage problems to Bundy in the wet season. You’d think they could at least get the roads dry enough to walk on. I miss my walks. Not sure if I will fly over to see Pamela (Fisher), might run out of time, and I looove Venice anyway – nice balcony spot here at the Federalo Bacpaccio building. One bedroom with a big Magi-size bed (enough room for 3 ha ha). Ok, Chow tow yow to you in Italian – see Fabio). Wish you were all here (not). Dennis.”


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