Another of my (“out-take”) shots from Sophia’s photo-shoots at the Artist-in-Residence flat, Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG). This louvred veranda is part of the “Artist’s Studio,” and overlooks one of the main streets of Bundaberg, 1st floor. It is above the Gallery itself, and a beautiful Heritage building circa 1890s. A nice bird’s eye view of the street below. BRAG gave me the flat for some 6 weeks (rent free) after the 2013 flood, as my home unit’s interior was wrecked by the flood water. Later – when I had refurbished my home and moved back – they allowed me to use the Residence for my photo-shoots, free of charge. They were so good to me, thank you BRAG, and all who work there. Thanks to Ro especially, who was acting manager then, and offered me the residence. It was a wonderful relief to my stresses, as I was feeling like a refugee at the time (well, some metaphorical hyperbole there – I don’t think we can imagine what that is like if we haven’t gone through it). But, a stressful time for Bundaberg in general. Much more positive now – I can feel it in the air.


DSC_0085a No crop, resize

I will feature more of Sophia’s pics of the Artist residence soon, so please tune in regularly. She is a local life model, and used to do such work full-time at the Gold Coast in her twenties. Wonderful to work with. 



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