I was browsing some Gallipoli photos online for inspiration, and came across a pic showing stacks of skulls after the Gallipoli event of WW1. I had created the “Australian head” idea decades ago, while doing some cartoon doodlings. Sidney Nolan’s Ned Kelly series came to mind – the figure of Ned Kelly in a stark landscape. Then an ABC TV series “ANZAC Nurses” used the song “Forever Young” during one of its promos. So it all came together. Lest We Forget that these “old men” were actually not much more than young lads – many lured by the prospect of “adventure” and fighting for King and Country. Cannon fodder basically. But nevertheless, Well Worth Not Forgetting.


DSC_0414a crop, auto - for On The Brink preview at exhibition 3-10-14

“Forever Young” (detail) – acrylic & mixed media on canvas – 1500mm x 1200mm.



“Forever Young” and me at the 2014 Bundaberg Arts Festival. “Photography Forbidden” – yeah, right. But it is not photography – just a selfie, isn’t it? Anyway, my camera just slipped out by accident.



Day one of paint on canvas, in my art studio/bathroom. The donkey had to go in the end. But he still lives, under layers of paint. No animal cruelty here.

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