Brag Trade artist Gaye Tait’s stunning painting, and my two photo-art works – showing the way to the Ladies’ Loo.

I dropped into the Moncrieff Theatre (Moncrieff Entertainment Centre) today and took a few pics of my photos on the wall (see previous post re. The Moncrieff opening night). These four were not hung in the main area of The Brag Trade’s artworks. They were a bit out of the way on the night. But during the month, where they are now will be  a prime spot – right where the Theatre and Cinema crowds will be in the foyer. I love the position near The Ladies toilets.  Always happy to be surrounded by ladies. At least a lot of women Theatre punters should see these. Or maybe not, if their bladders are full and they are in a hurry to get there. I like this idea of art being displayed in a utilitarian situation. Like in coffee shops. Apart from going online, it may be the future of art exhibitions. Get it out there amongst the people, rather than in a cloistered, one-purpose gallery.


My Photo-art – “Essence of Catherine” (L) and “Pagan.” (R).


My Photo-art “Kabuki Warrior” (L) and “Not Whistler’s Mother” (R).


Ah yes, my photos near the popcorn and drinks.

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