Figurehead - Photo -- copyright Dennis Mealor 2012“FIGUREHEAD”


Ah, odd world we live in. I posted this photo earlier today on Facebook, as part of a locally-devised “Facebook Art Challenge” – 3 art pieces posted every day for 5 days. This was Day 2. Within about an hour, someone unknown had reported it as “nudity,” so I received the Facebook “death threat” – that they will examine it in due course and deem whether it is inappropriate or not. Well, I just deleted it before that. Not going to give them the pleasure of playing judge and jury. Odd, that extreme violence such as crucifixions seems ok on Facebook, but not even non-provocative “nudity.” I could have said it was a shop dummy. Well, it is called “Figurehead” after all.

I see nude pics of women on Facebook nearly every week, with 6-pack men holding their hands over the woman’s breasts and genitals. That seems ok. As long as it shows nothing of our humanity bits. To me, a hand over the genitals is far more provocative than a full-frontal nude. It is the 21st Century. But seems to be the Neo-Victorian age to me.

The pic is from my 2011 exhibition “Fragments of Vision,” at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery.

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